Built to take us forward

With our purpose built platforms, unique expertise and world-class customer service, we make EV charging transactions effortless for everyone.

Road is the EV charging platform provider of choice for companies across Europe, including Charge Point Operators and manufacturers.

Two purpose built solutions

to meet your business needs

Having built E-Flux by Road—a ready-to-go EV charging management platform, we recognized the necessity for a more tailored and integrated solution. This led to the creation of Road Private Label—an adaptable custom EV charging management platform, designed to cater to diverse business needs. Choose the ideal fit for you.

E-Flux by Road is built for charge point owners that want a complete solution for managing their charging stations, financial transaction handling, and driver support services.

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Manage multiple charge points in one dashboard

E-Flux by Road is hardware agnostic and can be connected to over 365 different charge point models.

Hardware agnostic
Advanced tariff features
User tested interface
Automatically settle every charging transaction

E-Flux by Road includes a billing and settlement engine for automated pay out, making manual invoicing a thing of the past.

Supports all leading payment providers
Automatic billing & settlement
Reliable invoicing service
Enjoy always-on customer service, as standard

E-Flux by Road comes with 24/7 support for drivers and charge point owners, so if there’s an issue at your site we can solve it for you.

24/7 Customer Service
Call Response in 150s
4.5 Star Customer Rating

Road Private Label is built for companies that sell EV charging propositions and want to create a branded charging experience without the need for building their own technology.

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Get set-up quickly

Road Private Label includes a fully automated back-end, to set up your EV charging business quickly, and easily.

Automated back-end
Sandbox environment
Battle tested
Define and control your own pricing

Road Private Label gives you the power to define and change your own CPO and MSP pricing plans based on your business requirements and user needs.

Latest API suite
Open platform
Modular architecture
Apply your brand to every tool

With Road Private Label, every tool, including driver support, field technician dashboard and roaming is available in your own brand and operator name.

Branded support service
Branded dashboards
Virtual MSP

The industries

we power

Road offers a number of features to maximise your EV assets and infrastructure. Read more about example solutions we’ve already deployed.

E-Flux by Road


With Road, your employees can charge at work, at home and on-the-go. Charging transactions at home are automatically reimbursed and our charge card enables your employees to charge at over 300,000 public charging stations.

Road Private Label

Energy companies

With Road Private Label you can build your charging proposition with your own brand and customer experience. Battle-tested, it covers all charging use cases in the public and private domain. With our MSP solution you can have instant access to our roaming network with your own sub-operator name.

E-Flux by Road

Fleet operators

E-Flux by Road is designed to be a scalable Chargepoint Management Platform that integrates with your energy and fleet management solutions. Our enterprise solution offers advanced settings to managing multiple sites across account layers. Features can be accessed through our dashboard or integrated into your own.

E-Flux by Road

Homeowners’ associations

E-Flux by Road automatically settles all charging transactions between the owner of the building’s energy contract and its residents. You can limit the access to charge points to certain residents or open them to the public, and with 24/7 support you’ll always be able to charge at your building.

Road Private Label

Mobility companies

With Road Private Label you can build your charging proposition with your own brand and customer experience. Battle-tested, it covers all charging use cases in the public and private domain, and with our MSP solution you have the option to build your own charge card proposition.

E-Flux by Road

Public charging operators

With our advanced tariff features you’re able to optimise pricing and increase your revenue and our 24/7 support desk ensures customers can always charge at your sites. Our enterprise solution offers advanced settings so that you can manage multiple sites across account layers.

‘’As EVs become mainstream, the need for reliable charging solutions is bigger than ever. Road was founded with a clear purpose: to make EV charging transactions effortless for everyone.’’
Vincent van Vaalen, Chief Executive Officer
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