E-Flux by Road:

a ready-to-go platform for EV charging

A turnkey platform to manage all of your charge points and automatically settle transactions in one place, enabling you to maximise revenue generated by charging electric vehicles and give drivers access to charge points.

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With a focus on technical management and EV transactions, E-Flux by Road is a scalable platform for businesses of all sizes, from homes to public networks. Through a single dashboard you’re able to manage multiple locations from multiple charge point models, set rates and define access.

Automatic Billing & Settlement
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Why choose E-Flux by Road?

charge point model integrations
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What is the difference between Road Private Label and E-Flux by Road?

Road Private Label is built for companies that sell EV charging propositions and want to create a branded charging experience without the need for building their own technology.

E-Flux by Road is built for charge point owners that want a complete solution for managing their charging stations, financial transaction handling, and driver support services.

How can I integrate Road Private Label?

We help you to integrate with our EV management platform effortlessly. Integrate by using our APIs and developer tools and set up your EV business. You can integrate charge stations, charge cards, payments, billing and EV data to your platforms.

We provide JSON APIs with detailed documentation and tools that allow you to build your EV charging services. Key features include:

Modern JSON API with industry security practices (TLS, JWT, RBAC, etc.) Scalable and high availability. Used every day by large operators and mobility providers. Access to all functionally seen in dashboards and mobile applications. Support of both server-server and client-server integration modalities. Includes tools for sandbox data and simulating charge stations. Includes real-time connectivity mechanisms such as webhooks

See our documentation.

How does Road ensure the security, compliance and reliability of its services?

We prioritise security, compliance, scalability, and reliability above all else. We’re on route to ISO 27001 certification and have the industry’s highest uptime (99.9%).

What type of charge points can be connected to E-Flux by Road?

Being hardware independent, E-Flux by Road supports over 365 charging stations. Here you can check out all the brands and manuals that can be linked to E-Flux by Road.

What features are available on the E-Flux by Road platform?

E-Flux by Road was built to be hardware agnostic, that means you’re able to combine multiple brands in a single dashboard. Within the dashboard you can add locations, set rates, invite users and gain insight into the charging sessions - where they occurred, how many there were and how long the average session lasted.

How does invoicing and reimbursement work on E-Flux by Road?

E-Flux by Road includes a billing and settlement engine for automated pay out: that means all charging sessions are automatically invoiced and paid to your bank account.

Employees receiving compensation for home charging will receive their own invoice.

What payment capabilities does E-Flux by Road support?

E-Flux by Road supports Europe's leading payment providers and can be integrated with Payter, Valina and CCV.

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