Road Private Label:

a configurable platform for EV charging

A fully configurable solution to sell EV charging propositions, enabling you to create a branded charge point platform without needing to build your own.

We’re proud to power market leaders across a number of industries
Get set-up quickly

Built in a sandbox environment and with a fully automated back-end ensures a fast and easy set-up. Going beyond speed, Road Private Label is battle tested, placing security, compliance, scalability and reliability as top priorities.

Automated back-end
Sandbox environment
Battle tested
Define and control your own pricing

Road Private Label enables you to define and change your own CPO and MSP pricing plans based on your business requirements and user needs. We deliver the platform functionalities, you build your end-customer proposition.

Latest API suite
Open platform
Modular architecture
Apply your brand to every tool

Every tool including driver support, field technician dashboard and roaming is available in your own brand and operator name. With Road Private Label you can create a branded charge point platform without needing to build your own.

Branded support service
Branded dashboards
Virtual MSP

Why choose Road Private Label?

Uptime, the best in the industry
Charge point model integrations
API operable
Start building today

As a fully customisable platform we prioritise developer documentation and tools. In addition to a state-of-the-art API suite you can read previous examples of integration to determine if Road Private Label is the right fit for you.

"Road's private label platform delivers a robust charging station management system and simplifies the process of settlements. Our EV customers have access to public charging under our trusted brand.”
Pieter Haans, COO
"Providing a seamless charging experience for our EV customers is our top priority. With Road’s sub-operator solution, we effortlessly manage our charging stations and ensure smooth settlements.”
Pelle Schlichting, Founder
Looking for a ready-to-go platform?


What is the difference between Road Private Label and E-Flux?

Road Private Label is built for companies that sell EV charging propositions and want to create a branded charging experience without the need for building their own technology.

E-Flux by Road is built for charge point owners that want a complete solution for managing their charging stations, financial transaction handling, and driver support services.

How can I integrate Road Private Label?

We help you to integrate with our EV management platform effortlessly. Integrate by using our APIs and developer tools and set up your EV business. You can integrate charge stations, charge cards, payments, billing and EV data to your platforms.

We provide JSON APIs with detailed documentation and tools that allow you to build your EVcharging services. Key features include:

  • Modern JSON API with industry security practices (TLS, JWT, RBAC, etc.)
  • Scalable and high availability. Used every day by large operators and mobility providers.
  • Access to all functionally seen in dashboards and mobile applications.
  • Support of both server-server and client-server integration modalities.
  • Includes tools for sandbox data and simulating charge stations.
  • Includes real-time connectivity mechanisms such as webhooks.

See our documentation:

We provide JSON APIs with detailed documentation and tools that allow you to build your EVcharging services.

How much does it cost to use Road Private Label?

Road Private Label is a custom platform, as such the cost is dependent on the amount of integration and number of features needed. We recommend getting in touch so we can find the best solution and cost based on your needs.

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What additional services do you offer?

As with everything within the Road Private Label every tool and service will appear under your own brand and operator name, this extends to public charging, 24/7 support for your EV customers and field technician dashboarding.

How does

Our platforms are secure and adhere to all compliance standards including ISO/IEC 27001:2022. From our payments solutions to transactions, we meet local regulatory requirements including the UK’s Public Charge Point Regulations 2023 to the EU’s AFIR payment requirements. We also have the industry’s highest uptime (99.9%).